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The chat room is the place you go to listen to other people on the system LIVE who want to exchange private messages instantly or connect for LIVE, private one on one conversation. When you enter the chartroom you first record a brief greeting telling others what’s on your mind. Say anything you like but keep it clean or your greeting may be deleted and you could be blocked from using the chat room. After you record your greeting you’ll be able to listen to all the LIVE callers looking to share their thoughts. When you find someone interesting you can send a message or request a private live connection with that caller. The choice is always yours. You will also receive messages and requests from other callers while you’re in the chat room. Any message you send or receive is totally private. Only you and that person can hear the message. If you decide to connect live with someone your conversation is totally private. You’ll have a crystal clear connection with that person without revealing your phone number. It’s all done privately and confidentially on the system. If you decide to end your talk just press the pound sign and you’ll be returned immediately to the chat room greetings. It’s fast, fun easy and safe!

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Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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