Personal Ads


Unlike many other services where personal ads have expired for weeks or even months all the ads you’ll find on Plus Preferred are from active people using the system. If you leave a message for someone there’s a good chance they’ll hear it the same day. People from your local area record personal ads every day. Some want to meet that special person; others simply want to share their private thoughts with mysterious, romantic strangers while others want to add a little spice to life. Here are the categories for personal ads:

  • Dating and friendships
  • Casual, no strings relationships
  • Walk on the wild side, alternative relationships
  • Couples

Private Message voice mail for each member

Each member receives a free, private voice mailbox. You’ll be able to receive private messages and store favorite messages in your voice mailbox. Each time you call the system and enter your pass code you’ll be told how many new messages are waiting in your voice mailbox from members that are interested in knowing more about you. All messages are private. Nobody can retrieve your messages except you. Never give you pass code to anyone! Also, be sure to use call the system often to keep your account active. We do not keep expired accounts and personals ads on the system.


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.


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